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Monday, June 13, 2011

The language of love: parenting styles

How do you get closer to your children? There is a big gap between the generation of parents and the generation of children. Parents need to understand that the things children do now are part of growing up and exploring their world. The only way to keep them coming back home is to show belongingness and love. Show your children that you love them.

How to keep your children from bad influence?

Parents are having a hard time keeping their children away from drugs, bad influence from the wrong group, smoking and drinking. They say bad habits are hard to break. No, I don't believe in that. Discipline and close watch never be lax is the right attitude for that. Loving does not mean giving everything what the children wants. Loving means guiding them and explaining to them the consequences of every action. Train them to listen to you and respect your opinion.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Reading and interpreting the bible

People are made different and unique from each other. A person has naturally different sets of reference points to base interpretation, perception, thoughts, feelings and interpretations. The most descriptive title one can find nearest to what we are trying to draw is cultural diversity. But then even people belonging to the same group or culture are encountering problems with communication. How do we troubleshoot common error in message relay between two people personalized data transmission system and configure authentication and relay issues? The question is graphical and it gives us the idea that even members of the family have communication issues.

You must be aware by now that there are false prophets using the bible as their gateway to oppress people. Intentions - that’s the cue. Intentions describe your level of faith and spirituality. Surely stories starts or ends somewhere and how one finds self holding the bible could be a work in progress or a kind of job queue for God. It depends on how long you’ll recognize the “invite” actually. So what you grasp by reading a passage today could be entirely different on reading same passage a day after because meanings and interpretations are structured on your levels of faith and awareness just like how a teacher creates a sequentially progressing curriculum for students. In silence there is guidance. Meanings and interpretations go deeper as your intentions and faith accelerates.

Seek HIM and you will find him. The road could be narrow and long but the experience is worth every pain in your travelogue. Knock the doors of heaven, travel through the gateway reading the bible and reach out with much endurance and humility. The words in the bible have been graciously configured as such that events begin to unfold and people start coming to your life for a reason. Awareness and realization are similar to on-the-job training programs but quite undefined and unexpected. Catch up lessons are unforeseeable. You get disentangled when you don’t resist the flow and completely surrender your will to God.

Reading and interpreting the bible is highly personalized. It is best not to try to interpret but just let the words flow and let them do their thing. Read the bible like a baby. This is one funny idea to get rid of your baggage and intellectual queries. The bible is not meant to be interpreted by humans because it came from a supernatural inspiration beyond human intelligence to which understanding is made possible through discernment alone. As explained it has its own amazing configuration molding lives depending on the day to day choices the owners of those lives make as they stand in the crossroads of their lives. You get a reply each time you read the bible according to your needs and what you seek. The bible for a fact is the oldest traditional most powerful book ever written in the history of mankind that can drive men and women to live life in constant fellowship with God for the love of God.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The rich man’s search for meaning

The global trend is on – rich getting richer faster, much faster than anticipated! A poor man’s travails in time would note the increasing gap between the rich and the poor hitting an all time high record in any nation’s economy. Such disparity was obviously promoted by globalization, technical advances which had driven out the less skilled workers out of the competition, education and several opportunities only a rich man’s pocket can afford.

We all have the same basic needs. Rich and poor alike need food, clothing and shelter. Meeting these needs differs only with the quality and quantity in which the rich man obviously can do better and even more for that matter. However there is one common thing a rich man and a poor man shares – the search for meaning! What do you live for?

Have you ever heard stories of world’s wealthiest people reaching out to the poorest giving out their riches for no apparent reason at all? Have you ever wondered what kind of satisfaction these people get out of giving what they had strive hard in life to get? Have you ever notice why some people who after reaching the top wouldn’t want to climb higher anymore but instead go down and shove their riches to find meaning? It is because emptiness is like a disease and the only cure is sharing with empathy in full compassion with others.

Man thirsts for something undefined at first. And as he starts his journey from his mind to his heart he will unfold a lot of virtues and sees a lot of things only a man who travels in the same path is able to see. The road to riches is not the smell of money. Money demonetizes with change but finding the real truth enriches your person and keeps one from downgrading self to the literal description of an animal. What keeps one tied to reason that cannot be justified by scholars and the intelligent few? Who gave us the wisdom and the heart to live life like a poor man and a rich man?

Look for the gateway in finding your meaning – read the bible! He is as old as time and note that his bible is also as old as he is but is never changing. He is the only constant force amidst this ever changing high pace world. The rich man’s search for meaning is a change from reading business graphs and trends to reading a simple worded bible. It is a dire change from a corporate world crowded with computers, systems and technology to a quite life alone. Read the bible without thinking but just kept on listening. The bible is the gateway to finding Him who already finds us. The bible is the simplest book in the world that has the strongest influence in our hearts that can beat up the reasons of our minds. We find our meaning by the words that He had written in that simple book. The bible opens everything, change man by its own force and lead us to find what we seek for – our very own self, our meaning and the truth!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

the essence of a person

The essence of an individual is repression of himself. Finding the meaning of life does not have to be portrayed by always fully repressing self. Feel free and be happy!

Freedom will help you find your meaning in life. Inhibition tends to suppress desires because of fear. Emotions can fail a person if it persist to rule his life.

Be free and be happy. Do what you think is right for you and the people around you.

Monday, May 5, 2008

The naked mind

I wonder if this site features the face of the owner or the face of the model. Whoever is the owner of the face, she sure is young and beautiful. If you read the contents of the site it is really entertaining in a way that will help you understand some matters about life, people and technology. The title of the site is The Naked Mind and the link is http://iamira.blogspot.com/.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Over commitment to vanity does not excuse exposure to health risk

You are beautiful the way you are. Changing your appearance may make you feel good and more beautiful but actually the focus is just you all the way from the start of the relationship. Only a few guys would marry a very beautiful wife without wanting to know the person more. Haven’t you ever wondered why some guys divorced super sexy women in favor for simpler ones? I often stand in awe why some guys have the guts to leave these super sexy women. Submitting yourself to injections to enhance nature could be dangerous for you.

Maybe you should read this very long article that I found today. Know the consequences of your choices and see if you can live long to bear whatever health risk it will bring you.
Reference: http://abcnews.go.com/Health/PainManagement/Story?id=4585277&page=2

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